Welcome All!

Thank you for visiting The Chris Mahoney Project! If this is your first visit... I thank you! If you're returning... I thank you! However you landed here, I'm happy to have your ears and eyes...

I am sorry to say that it will be a short visit here. The site is being reconstructed and thus, most of the pages are behind this cool metal background waiting to be perfected before showing themselves. We will be back soon so please visit again. 


To show my appreciation for visiting, I wish to offer you a FREE download of some new music from the forthcoming Numbers record. Just use the contact form here with "NEW MUSIC" in the subject and let me know where to send it.  

Something you'd like to see on the new site? Something you'd NOT like to see? Let's hear it! Send your comments, suggestions and questions. 

Until next time. Peace. 

All of us here at The Chris Mahoney Project